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Eavesdrop on conversations with dear friends as we trade stories of surviving & thriving.

I hope their journeys inspire you as much as they inspire me.

“As much as I’ve loved my proximity to the spotlight, I’ve never
wanted to tell my story and be at the center of attention,” wrote
Ingrid. “Like the best folk music, I wanted to sing the stories of
other people’s lives.”


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Meet Ingrid

Ingrid Croce’s collage landscapes revel in the richness of life intensely lived. 

Croce’s signature pieces emanate from the domestic and extraordinary. The sweetness in the bitter fruit, road music on a car radio, a hummingbird determined to survive. From Capitol Records to New York’s Museum of Folk Art, Croce’s signature art pulls from seventy-two years of memory to explore love, loss, and above all, the music that saves us.

“Each piece is a journey,” said Ingrid. “My intuition leads me. I never know where I’m going to end up.”

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Life And Times


"The Capitol Album"

Jim and Ingrid pose to promote their first album, Jim & Ingrid Croce.

Ingrid left Moore in her senior year to travel with Jim to New York City, where the duo signed to Capitol and recorded songs including "Age" and "Vespers."


"An Island of Sunshowers"

Ingrid delights in sunbursts & an outdoor shower on Moorea Island, just northwest of Tahiti.

For the past twenty years, Jimmy and Ingrid have enjoyed an annual trip to Tahiti. "For me, the peacefulness of Tahiti is profound," said Ingrid. "When we found Moorea, we found paradise."


"Lover's Cross"

Jim, AJ, and a pregnant Ingrid.

"I think Adrian James is havin' a lot of fun," Jim said about the toddler. "He's growing up around a lot of music. He has his own ukulele which he picks up and plays whenever he sees me."


"A Duet"

AJ introduces his son, Elijah, to the family business.


"I Got A Name"

AJ and Jimmy en route to Natchitoches, Louisiana where the Croces receive the key to the city.

Ingrid and Jimmy co-authored the official autobiography of Jim Croce because, according to Ingrid, "it was a painful story and my greatest concern was that it was shared responsibly." Released in 2012, I Got A Name: The Jim Croce Story earned writing awards and is still in print today.


"Her Day In Court"

Ingrid enters into a ten-year legal battle for the Croce estate, spearheading wrongful death litigation and challenging Jim's record label for the Croce copyrights.


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At your best, you are everything all at once.

“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.” -Gautama Buddha
Thinking back to creating this series on Moorea back in 2011. 
No better way to / Haiku, crystal clear waters / Ocean breeze surrounds
When I was at Rhode Island School of Design, Jim Croce bought me three haiku books. I have cherished them for my entire life. Jim loved the art of haiku. The sound of it. Deep pain and deep calm oscillate through the lines. I’ve used his favorite haiku poems as inspiration for my collages — all of love, loss, and memory sing through the syllables of his poems. I hope they sing for you too.
Christian Zervos’ 33-volume catalogue of Picasso’s work is a monumental achievement, the culmination of a life time of critique and dedication. Making my own, modest attempt at a “catalogue raissoné” is a reminder of where I’ve been - and inspiration for the journey ahead. #TakeYourInventory