A Note From Dear Friend,
Margery Fischer Winter

“It was 1965 and Ingrid Jacobson was my roommate in Nickerson Hall at the Rhode Island School of Design. Music took center stage in our artistic coming of age movie. Ingrid would play her guitar and sing me to sleep with exquisite covers. What impressed me about young Ingrid was her focus, intensity, and passion for life. It was contagious.

Ingrid came to RISD with an already impressive resume – an award winning artist and accomplished folksinger. Her style was a mix of Carnaby Street, Merimekko, Mary Quant, thrift shop.

Her voice was very much her own.

Ing held every gift in the palm of her hands, but she also held much sadness in her heart. Her mother had died young and so she had a deep fear of loss. Was this a foreshadowing of what was to come? She lost Jim, her beloved dad, her voice…but she didn’t lose her passion and determination.

Ingrid’s intense about everything – involved in things and connected in things. And that intensity, that barrel of energy, is in her art. She passionately holds on to things as if to create a collage or scrapbook of her life and not to lose the memories.

She now refers to these things that she collages, her symbolic images, as “muchness.”

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At your best, you are everything all at once.

“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.” -Gautama Buddha
Thinking back to creating this series on Moorea back in 2011. 
No better way to / Haiku, crystal clear waters / Ocean breeze surrounds
When I was at Rhode Island School of Design, Jim Croce bought me three haiku books. I have cherished them for my entire life. Jim loved the art of haiku. The sound of it. Deep pain and deep calm oscillate through the lines. I’ve used his favorite haiku poems as inspiration for my collages — all of love, loss, and memory sing through the syllables of his poems. I hope they sing for you too.
Christian Zervos’ 33-volume catalogue of Picasso’s work is a monumental achievement, the culmination of a life time of critique and dedication. Making my own, modest attempt at a “catalogue raissoné” is a reminder of where I’ve been - and inspiration for the journey ahead. #TakeYourInventory