Learning to Fly Like A Bird Again

At a certain point in my life, when I could not escape my past, it
seemed that darkness would take over. I turned to butterflies,
hummingbirds, and swallows –trusting the resilience in their frailty.

If we accept the past, it can become a motivation. With it, we soar
confidently into the present. We take flight.

Jim Croce’s Haiku

When I was at Rhode Island School of Design, Jim Croce bought me three haiku books. I have cherished them for my entire life.

Jim loved the art of haiku. The sound of it. The deep pain and deep calm that oscillate through the lines.

On the island of Moorea in Tahiti, perched on a small dock, I created this series of collage landscapes from song-sheets and Jim’s favoritehaiku poems.

All of love, loss and memory sing through the syllables.

At the Heart of the Matter

Rooted In Land and Sea