"Napping In The Carriage"

Ingrid Croce nee Jacobson, snuggles up to twin sister, Phyllis.

Constantly in motion, Ingrid weighed just three pounds at birth.


The Magic Lady

In the Jacobson hometown of Philadelphia, Ingrid's mother, Shirley, plays piano for a local television show. 

Shirley, a mysterious and glamorous woman, passed when Ingrid was only 16.


"Out For A Stroll"

Ingrid's father, Sidney, wheels a (monogrammed!) Ingrid and Phyllis through Rittenhouse Square.

Sidney, an MD and psychiatrist who practiced humanist principles, died of cancer when Ingrid was 19.


"James Joseph Croce"

Jim Croce celebrates his First Communion in South Philadelphia.

James Joseph "Jim" Croce, a good Italian-Catholic boy, was born in 1943 to Jim and Flora Croce.


"Little Old Instant Me"

Ingrid Jacobson, age 16, after cheerleading practice.

As a teenager, Ingrid lent her lead vocals to a band of military cadets.


"The Priest Choir"

A young Jim Croce performs with the priests at his alma mater, Villanova University.

Raised on Bessie Smith, Fats Waller, and Mario Lanza, Jim taught himself how to play the guitar.


"In The Army Now"

Jim, age 23, during Basic Training for the U.S. Army National Guard.

After attending boot camp (for a second time!), Jim was able to get a transfer for "hardship" leave to return to Philadelphia and care for Ingrid's ailing father.


"The Capitol Album"

Jim and Ingrid pose to promote their first album, Jim & Ingrid Croce.

Ingrid left Moore in her senior year to travel with Jim to New York City, where the duo signed to Capitol and recorded songs including "Age" and "Vespers."


"Another Day, Another Town"

Ingrid and Jim walk together at the country home of renowned American record producer, Nick Venet.

"Hey guys," Nick joked during recording in NYC. "Instead of calling your album Ingrid & Jim Croce, we thought maybe we could call it Bombs Over Puerto Rico."


"Photographs and Memories"

The Croce family welcomes Ingrid into their home in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania for Jim's birthday.

Even though Jim's family expressed concern for his chosen career path, his infectious Aunt Ginger - smiling here! - treated him like a star.


"Mom & Apple Pie"

Ingrid, Jim, and Flora Croce in the kitchen for the holiday.

Jim's Mom, Flora, was as renowned for her Northern Italian cooking as she was for her sardonic sense of humor (and operatic voice).


"Playing To The Camera"

Jim's honest, authentic lyrics resonate with men and women around the world and his solo career takes off.


"New York's Not My Home"

Jim and Ingrid stroll the grounds of the Lyndell, Pennsylvania farmhouse they rented for $100 a month.

While Jim spent days driving trucks and working construction -- and nights writing lyrics at the dining room table -- Ingrid cared for the household, canning fruits and crafting for the family folk art store,The Hundred Little Pot Shop.


"Family Portrait"

Jim and Ingrid pose with their new addition, Adrian James "AJ" Croce, born September 28, 1971.

Shortly after AJ's birth, ABC Records signed with Jim and released his first album, You Don't Mess Around With Jim.


"Time In A Bottle"

Jim and AJ on the beach during a family vacation to Key West, Florida.

"My memories of Jim have not faded one bit from my memory, from the first time we met in Key West back in the seventies, to the days I spent with him on the road," wrote Jimmy Buffet. "He was simply a big influence on me and I won't forget him."



In 1972, Jim spends much of his time on the road, performing at sold-out venues across the country.

Jim's charisma earned him a bevy of television spots -- from The Helen Reddy Show to The Tonight Show, where Johnny Carson primed him to be a summer host.


"Lover's Cross"

Jim, AJ, and a pregnant Ingrid.

"I think Adrian James is havin' a lot of fun," Jim said about the toddler. "He's growing up around a lot of music. He has his own ukulele which he picks up and plays whenever he sees me."


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Croce"

Jim accepts his first gold record from producer, Burt Sugarman.

"Top Forty chart success means that now I can do what I want to do," Jim said. "Like take my Master's in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania."


"The Baddest Man In The Whole Damned Town"

Released in 1973, Jim's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" was inspired by a fellow guardsman -- a man who decided to go AWOL and actually returned to collect his check. 

"I used to just listen to him talk and to see how 'bad' he was," Jim said. "I knew someday I was gonna write a song about him."


"Life & Times"

Paul Wilson captures a smiling Adrian James for Jim's second studio album, Life & Times.

A week after Jim's fatal plane crash, Ingrid received a letter that Jim mailed while on tour.

So this is a birth note, Baby, it began. Give a kiss to my little man and tell him Daddy loves him. Remember, it's the first sixty years that count and I've got thirty to go.


"In Loving Memory"

Jim and close collaborator, Maury Muehleisen, on tour.

This photo captures one of Jim and Maury's last moments on tour before their plane crashed on September 20, 1973 in Natchitoches, LA. All on board were killed, including Croce, Muehleisen, comedian George Stevens, agent Kenneth Cortese, road manager Dennis Rast, and pilot Robert Elliott.

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"And The Award Goes To"

Ingrid accepts the very first American Music Award on Jim's behalf.

After Jim's death, Ingrid embarked on the "greatest artistic endeavor of her life": preserving Jim's legacy.


"Her Day In Court"

Ingrid enters into a ten-year legal battle for the Croce estate, spearheading wrongful death litigation and challenging Jim's record label for the Croce copyrights.


"On Stage, Again"

Ingrid takes the mic.

While on tour, Ingrid developed a benign tumor on her vocal cords. After two surgeries to remove the tumor, Ingrid's vocal cords were permanently scarred, and she retired from singing.


"The Piggy"

A grinning AJ snares a wild pig at the Croce home in Quepos, Costa Rica.

From 1977 to 1981, Ingrid served as Vice-Consul to Costa Rica, establishing a Head Start program and penning a children's book, Mirándame.


"Reaching Out"

Ingrid on the road with her Massachusetts band.

"Ingrid recorded an album, "In An Unfamiliar Way," with Nik Venet and a pop solo album on Rod Stewart's UK label Riva Records.


"Sweet and Savory"

When Ingrid's friend, Joann, tasted her home-cooking - declaring "you should open a restaurant!" - Ingrid set out to sign the lease on her first property, Blinchiki, the very next day.


"Hardship Into Hopefulness"

Ingrid's first restaurant, Blinchiki, being demolished.

"Life's challenges aren't interruptions," wrote Ingrid. "They're the well-spring of creativity."


"Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar"

Croce's Restaurant opens its doors next to a whip, chain, and leather store in San Diego's former red light district, "The Stingaree."

On Jim and Ingrid's final date, a Saturday in the Gaslamp Quarter in 1973, the couple searched for a place to dine and listen to live music. Yearning for a Greenwich Village-type gathering ground, Jim suggested the couple someday open their own spot on the very corner Ingrid founded Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar.


"Lighting The Gaslamp"

Ingrid accepts an award from the San Diego Downtown Business Partnership for Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar's pioneering contributions to the Gaslamp Quarter.

Ingrid crafted Croce's to bring the spirit and vitality of Philadelphia's nightlife to San Diego's up-and-coming downtown. "Croce's keeps the 1960s alive," said Ingrid at the time. "The peace and love is here."


"At First Sight"

Jimmy Rock sits at Table 21 of Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar, igniting a lifetime romance.

Jimmy Rock grew up an Iowa farm-boy, crop-dusting fields and playing in local bands, before attending law school and setting up practice in San Diego's Pacific Beach. "Sand, Surf, and Sue was our motto," said Jimmy.


"High Above Kathmandu"

AJ and Jimmy Rock sip coffee outside their tent while trekking in the Himalayas during the family honeymoon.

Ingrid and Jimmy were wed on November 26, 1988 -- Thanksgiving Day. They have spent two nights apart in their 31-year marriage.


"Liner Notes"

AJ, Ingrid, and Sammy Cahn celebrating Jim Croce's induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

"Drawing from his personal experience and unique observations of life, Jim Croce left behind a rich legacy of music," wrote the Songwriters Hall of Fame. "His songs celebrate the life of the common man; songs that are as relevant today as the day he wrote them."


"I Got A Name"

AJ and Jimmy en route to Natchitoches, Louisiana where the Croces receive the key to the city.

Ingrid and Jimmy co-authored the official autobiography of Jim Croce because, according to Ingrid, "it was a painful story and my greatest concern was that it was shared responsibly." Released in 2012, I Got A Name: The Jim Croce Story earned writing awards and is still in print today.


"Great Balls of Fire"

Gary Busey, Connie Nelson, and Jimmy Rock share breakfast at Ingrid's Cantina.

At Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar, Ingrid and Jimmy invited many friends on stage, including Arlo Guthrie, Robin Williams, Rita Coolidge, Willie Nelson, and the Blind Boys of Alabama.


"Flower Crown"

AJ Croce's wife, Marlo, with their two-year-old daughter, Camille.

When AJ and Marlo were married on August, 21, 1994, the introduction of baby Camille to the family brought light and joy.


"Prima Ballerina"

Jimmy Rock hands a bouquet to granddaughter, Camille, after her first ballet recital in Mission Hills, San Diego, California.


"A Duet"

AJ introduces his son, Elijah, to the family business.


Spirit of Life

Ingrid and grandson, Elijah, at the City of Hope gala in Coronado, California where Ingrid receives the "Spirit of Life" award.

The Croce family passionately supports charitable organizations combating sexual assault, domestic violence, and childhood cancer.


"Thyme In A Bottle"

Ingrid sells her first cookbook, Thyme In A Bottle, on QVC.

Ingrid has published three cookbooks, Thyme In A Bottle, Photographs and Memories, and The San Diego Restaurant Cookbook: Recipes from America's Finest City. She is especially fond of her recipe for "Thanksgiving Turkey with Mushroom and Onion Bread Stuffing." Ingrid always roasts the bird in a brown paper bag.


"The Benefit"

Paula Nelson, Willie Nelson, AJ Croce, and Arlo Guthrie share the stage at the Croce-Rock-Nelson AIDS Benefit at San Diego Symphony Hall.

Jimmy, Ingrid, and Connie Nelson were inspired to organize the benefit in support of their friends & family in the LGBTQ community.


"An Island of Sunshowers"

Ingrid delights in sunbursts & an outdoor shower on Moorea Island, just northwest of Tahiti.

For the past twenty years, Jimmy and Ingrid have enjoyed an annual trip to Tahiti. "For me, the peacefulness of Tahiti is profound," said Ingrid. "When we found Moorea, we found paradise."


"In French Polynesia"

AJ, Marlo, and Eli Croce enjoy an evening out on the island of Huahine, French Polynesia, alongside Ingrid, Jimmy, and family friends, Marielle and Pascal Giai.

On each of their annual Tahiti trips, Ingrid and Jimmy look forward to visiting friends and drawing artistic inspiration from the colorful natural beauty (and birds!) of the region.


"Marlo: 1969 - 2018"

AJ Croce's wife, Marlo, was his muse.


"Wheel of Dharma"

Jimmy and Ravi Shankar attend a dinner honoring the sitar player at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California.

At one point in Jimmy and Ravi's conversation, Ravi asked if he played music. Jimmy replied that he was focusing on the ukulele "just like Goerge Harrison," who had died in 2001. Ravi reached out to touch Jimmy's arm. Eyes twinkling, he said, "I will tell George this evening."


"That's Me In The Bar"

AJ Croce performs during one of his frequent appearances at Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar.

AJ describes himself as a "piano man, first and foremost, and a vocal stylist second." In addition to releasing nine albums, the artist has delivered a TED Talk and lectured at the University of Barcelona. According to Willie Nelson, "the future of entertainment is safe in his hands."


"Learning To Fly Like A Bird Again"

Granddaughter Camille accompanies Ingrid to her summer solo exhibition, "Learning to Fly Like A Bird Again."

After decades exploring other arts, Ingrid returned to her mixed media practice in 2013. "Anyone who knows me knows how dear memories appear across my work," said Ingrid. "I've kept everything in my life so that it can resonate again."


"Street Art"

Jimmy, Ingrid, and family friends adorn the street outside The Belly Up in Solana Beach, California after AJ Croce's performance.


"Balancing Act"

Ingrid on the hunt for adventure in Palm Springs, California.

These days, Ingrid and Jim devote themselves to an active lifestyle, taking daily walks through Balboa Park and practicing yoga two times a week.


"Westway, I'll Bring My Cowboy Hat"

Jimmy approves of grandson Elijah's hat game in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

IG: #jimmyandthehat


"The Art of Memory"

Ingrid in her Bankers Hill art studio.

"My artwork is a space to revel in memory," said Ingrid. "I layer my past as I build my collage. Each piece is a reflection, a personal history. A devotion to loved ones and lost ones. On the canvas, it all exists at the same time."