Jim Croce's Haiku

On the Temple’s Great Bronze Bell


When I was at Rhode Island School of Design, Jim Croce bought me three haiku books. I have cherished them for my entire life.

Jim loved the art of haiku. The sound of it. The deep pain and deep calm that oscillate through the lines.

On the island of Moorea in Tahiti, perched on a small dock, I created this series of collage landscapes from song-sheets and Jim’s favoritehaiku poems.

All of love, loss and memory sing through the syllables.

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Mixed Media, Limited Edition (Signed & Framed)

On the Temple’s Great Bronze Bell


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At your best, you are everything all at once.

My heart is full with appreciation for the support I received at this past weekend’s @Vanguardculture Breakthrough 70’s event. The 70’s was a pivotal decade for me and my family, this event was the perfect ode to that time.
I am blessed to have my family around me, especially my Mom who turns 97 this year! Happy Easter!
Today, on the 30th anniversary of the brutal attack on my dear friend, Trish Meili, I am honored to share our conversation.
“I had a small period of no memory - from about five o’clock the evening the attack happened, until about seven weeks later... I couldn’t worry about the future.

Being able to roll over. Or touch my nose. That made me feel better: oh! I’m seeing improvement.

One of the greatest advantages of my brain injury was that I focused on the present moment.

I’ve often called that time ‘Learning To Begin Again.”
...Trisha Meili *

Trish is simply a survivor. As “The Central Park Jogger” she inspires so many around the world with her determination, her strength, her spirit.

I hope her words give you courage to face life’s trials! 💜 
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