Conversation Series

Stories Are What Connect Us

Eavesdrop on my conversations with dear friends as we share memories and trade stories of surviving & thriving.

Heres a Confession

I picked one that read ”If you were to teach somebody something, what would you teach them?” I said, yoga. Then Jimmy pulled a question. “What was an experience you had where you didn’t go with your gut?” He replied, “That time I ordered a lamb burger in Kathmandu!”

Connie Nelson

In head-to-toe denim, a streak of blue winking in her hairdo, the statuesque Texan Connie Nelson drops into my Bankers Hill home to share stories of life on the road.

Ruby Mazur

I chat with Rolling Stones’ “Mouth & Tongue” artist Ruby Mazur about pulling off the greatest scam in rock n’ roll history.

A Conversation with Richard & Diane Nares

There is nothing more satisfying than spending time around your kitchen table with old friends. On a bright, Saturday morning, Jimmy and I welcomed two of our most cherished friends to the house: Richard and Diane Nares. Richard had just completed a 1,700 mile run.

Bruce Springsteen

I go backstage with “The Boss,” bearded men, and booted women.

Learning To Begin Again

In which Ingrid sits down with “The Central Park Jogger,” to discuss loving your brain and life after the attack.


Next Up: Trisha Meili, “The Central Park Jogger”